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Whether for processed foods, bakery, seasonings, meats or snacks, SOLO® is the perfect solution for your sodium reduction product development projects:

Food Processing Industry:

SOLO® can be very effectively incorporated into sodium-reduced food processing applications such as soups, salad dressings, sauces, marinades, cheese, canned meals and side dishes, and canned vegetables.

Meat, Seafood & Poultry Industry:

SOLO® is more hygroscopic than ordinary salt, delivering benefits to the meat, bacon and poultry industry where cold water brining is practiced. SOLOŽ can be quite effectively used in pre-cooked and/or pre-seasoned meats, dried and/or smoked meats, and prepared home replacement meals.

Spice & Seasoning Industry:

SOLO® can be used to effectively reduce sodium content of spice-seasoning blends, rubs, and dry or liquid marinades without sacrificing flavor.

Baking Industry:

The bakery industry benefits by the use of SOLO® by enabling delicious reduced-sodium formulations, while simultaneously reducing costs by decreasing proofing time for dough.

Snack Food Industry:

The snack food industry (e.g. chips, nuts, etc.) is able to reduce topical application rates by up to 25% delivering as much as 75% less sodium in the final product.


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